This turnkey remodeling project began when Monique Sanchez inherited her childhood home. The heir and her husband, Jonathan, sought a fresh vision for the dated 80's ranch house. Designer Sarah James Moss of Moss Manor was tasked with reinventing the inherited home from top to bottom with an industrial modern farmhouse aesthetic. The clients required practical design selections that would withstand an active lifestyle and remain within a reasonable budget. The designer was commissioned to design and manage a full-scale remodel of the 2,700 square foot home in the time constraints of a four month period. From floor plans to finishing touches, the designer selected, sourced and managed all materials and subcontractors. Prior to the project, the home had not been updated in more than thirty years. Well-worn finishes include the original sheet vinyl and carpeted floors, dark wall paneling and wallpaper, and outdated fixtures in the kitchen and baths. The home's staircase to a second story loft was left incomplete. The large floor plan left much to be desired due to an overabundance of doorways and lack of storage.